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I know you all like to change your passwords all the time. Now you can do it via Horde (the Webmail program) instead of SSH. Click the Mail link above, log in, and click the Password button to change it!

I'm working on the mail server today, getting Spam Assassin working properly. If you have any problems, let me know.

Update 5/21/07: SpamAssassin is humming along. If you receive any false positives, please let me know and I'll adjust it. Also, the whitelist/blacklist in the Webmail should be working.

Here are the settings you need to use a desktop mail client, such as Thunderbird, OS X Mail, Evolution, Outlook/Outlook Express, etc. For both servers, your login name is the *first part* of your email address.

Incoming mail settings

Server type: IMAP
Server name: mail.backnine.org
Server port: 993
Security: SSL Encryption
Authentication type: Password (not SPA or MD5)

Outgoing mail settings

Server type: SMTP
Server name: mail.backnine.org
Server requires authentication

Backnine is better than ever, with a new server in a real data center! We've also got this Drupal front page, Gallery 2, Horde 3 for webmail, and more! Stay tuned for additional enhancements. Please direct all problems/questions/concerns to admin@backnine.org, or leave a comment here.

Seriously, there's no way I didn't break *something*, please bug me about it.


Join us in the chatroom: you can use the web client, or your favorite IRC client (Gaim!!!) at irc.backnine.org, port 6667, channel #backnine

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